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Top image - E. Howitt

Bottom image - Bow Arts live/work collective - image Ollie Harrop / copyright



I am an Essex born, London-based artist who explores the ability of everyone to be creative; my drive is to inspire and promote sustainable creativity in myself and others, facilitating the co-creation of group work that explore places, spaces and memory.

I run creative supper clubs hosted from my live/work studio where small groups of people meet, converse, share home made locally sourced veggie meals and have transformational moments through creative making and play.

Art can take many shapes through forms such as community organising. I have co-founded an award winning community food growing space - Greening Brownfield, Poplar, East London which now runs as a community run cooperative. In Marlborough, Wiltshire I led on Reclaim Our River project and We Love Marlborough; hyper local creative community cooperative.

More recently I have begun to seek out more physical/performative actions in public/private spaces of parks, pavements and waterways. I run Get Lost Artist Walks as part of London Creativity and Wellbeing week and Find Your London Festival. Through these walks participants are invited to creatively play with day to day journeys, randomness, opening up to questions and conversations with strangers. I invite people to to open up to new ways of thinking and being linked to seeing familiar and unfamiliar spaces in totally new ways.

I belief that you don’t have to be creative to be an artist and that creativity is embedded in everyone’s everyday experiences from how we get up in the morning, how we set the table, what food we choose to eat, plants we grow through to the choices about how and with whom we spend our time.

My studio practice is based around playing with drawing, photography, sketchbooks and collages as much for it's own sake as well as ways of mapping out ideas for projects and exhibitions.

My own work has been shown in shows in Beecroft Gallery, Domino Gallery - Liverpool, The Photographer's Gallery, Bow Arts Open, RCA Secret, Salisbury Arts Centre and Mile End Pavilion.

I have curated a range of community led group exhibitions with London Transport Museum, The Other Side Gallery, Hackney Museum and Bow Arts Trust.

Places you can see my work